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Painting old or used furniture is an economical way to update your home's look. It also offers the opportunity to create a particular style you like. There are several types of paint available for interior decorating, so why choose mineral paint? Experts suggest this type of paint may offer better coverage than other options and lasts longer too. Here are some other reasons to consider mineral paint on your furniture:

Excellent Long-Term Durability for Furniture

This type of paint can last long enough to make it worth your time and money spent, even when you use it on such heavy-duty items as cabinets or wood flooring. It can hold up against scratches, too, so if your table gets bumped around a lot by family members or pets, you will not need to worry about exposing wood because of these marks.

One reason homeowners love using mineral paint is that it not only covers well; it can cover chipped or stained finishes that could otherwise stay visible even after painting over them. With stain blocking capabilities combined with good coverage, choosing to use this type of paint should result in less time having to touch up furniture pieces after the paint has dried.

Mineral Paint Goes On More Easily Than Its Oil-Based Counterparts

Mineral paint is easy to use and can make moving items easier before and after applying the coats of paint. One important thing to keep in mind is that if something gets spilled on your beautiful new painted tabletop, mineral paint holds up better against stains than other types do. On top of that, clean-up is simple after accidents happen and wipe away spills as quickly as possible.

Reflection Paints offers a large selection to choose from. With this, it is easy to find the shade and color you want for each piece in your home. While some people choose one main color for their furniture and accents, others like to mix and match when it comes time to paint different pieces.

Mineral Paint Is Environmentally Friendly

One reason homeowners love choosing mineral paint is that no harsh fumes are created when you apply coats of this exterior grade material. This makes it an ideal choice for painting items that will end up in rooms where someone with allergies or asthma lives. It is also safer to use around pets and children who spend lots of time inside the home. The good news is that most people find this type of paint to be easy to apply and have no trouble working with it.

Mineral paint has many benefits over other types of paint used on furniture, which is why more people choose this option for home decorating projects. When you want a new look in your home but do not have the time or money required to buy new furniture, painting existing pieces can open up many possibilities. By using mineral paint for this task, you may never purchase a piece of pre-fab furniture again! Happy decorating with mineral paints from Reflect Paints. Contact us today for more details.

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