Decorative Bench and Metal Container

Decorative Bench and Metal Container

Wouldn’t this bench and decorative metal pot look inviting sitting in your entryway, foot of the bed, or in the guest room?  Maybe you’re thinking ahead to Mother’s Day? 

In this workshop, you may choose the Fusion paint colour for the bench and pot from the colours offered through our workshops. 


Your take-home kit will include the bench, metal pot, brush, sandpaper, and paint. 


The application of a transfer is optional.  If you are wishing to apply a transfer, you can use one that you already have or you can purchase one from our store. Click here to see our selection of transfers.  It is best to use a transfer that has multiple designs, rather than one large design.  We would suggest these options - Parisian Butterfly, Butterfly Dance, Never Ending Story, Water Color Bloom, Blossom Flight, Sunflower Fields, Spring Branch, Bonjour Paris, Poppy Gardens, Delecate Fleur, The Flower Fields.


An instructional video will be provided on our website to take you through the steps.


The dimensions of the bench are 16.75”H X 12.75”W X 20”L.


The cost of this workshop is $75.00  (not including the transfer)


The deadline for registering is April 6 with pickup on April 9. 


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