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Decoupage & Transfer Gel

Create beautiful decoupage or transfer images onto virtually any surface! Decoupage onto glass, metal, wood, fabric... you name it!


Do not apply over oily or waxed surfaces.
For best results use Decoupage paper or a laser printed image.
For Transfers:

Apply Transfer Gel to the surface of your project.
Place printed image face down into the wet Transfer gel, press out the air bubbles, and allow to dry.
When completely dry (6 to 12 hours), dampen the paper with a wet sponge allowing the water to penetrate the paper pulp.
Rub with a soft cloth to remove the paper leaving the image intact.
For Decoupage:

Apply the Decoupage Gel to the surface of your project, smoothing from the center apply your image, and re-apply Decoupage Gel on top.

Decoupage & Transfer Gel


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