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Kacha - Gold Foil - Perfume Notes

18"x24", cut into 2 sheets


Introducing the stylish Perfume Notes Decor FoilTransfer by the one and only Kacha! This stunning script design transfer adds a touch of French sophistication to any home decor project! Kacha is known for her elegant and feminine designs, and the Perfume Notes Decor Gold Foil Transfer will add a touch of French decadence to your next piece.


Tip: Achieve the look of gold foiling easily! Simply apply the transfer to your desired surface, and rub it on with a Redesign Transfer Tool. Kacha recommends sealing the foil transfers with a clear water-based wax or poly. Always test product first. The result is a beautiful, shiny gold foil design that adds a touch of glamour to any room. If you're looking for a way to add some glamour and sophistication to your home decor projects, look no further.

Kacha - Gold Foil - Perfume Notes


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