Kitchen Ladder

Wouldn’t this ladder with a tea-towel add a decorative element to your kitchen counter?


Workshop Kit includes:

~Wooden Ladder 10.5"wx15"h



Choice of stain for ladder (colonial, dark walnut or iron earth)


Choice of 2 stencils for the tea-towel (as you will be stenciling on opposite ends of the towel).

         1.   Buffet - a french word for Get it Yourself

         2.   Keep this kitchen clean … Eat Out

         3.   Just Roll With It

         4.   Farm Fresh

         5.   Grateful Hearts Gather Here

         6.   Life is Short Lick the Spoon

A video will be posted on Reflection Paint’s website that will take you through the process.


Deadline to Register is Tuesday March 9.

Kits will be ready to pick up Friday March 12.

Kitchen Ladder

Ladder Stain Choice
Stencil Selection 1
Stencil Selection 2

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