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Special Walnut


Is it possible to stain wood, metal or fiberglass with one single product that dries in one hour? Yes! As our natural oil gel stain is thicker, its application time is prolonged. This makes the coloring process simple to master quite effortlessly. Whether the surface to be stained is horizontal or vertical, there won’t be any dripping; one of the gel stain advantages among many others!

In a single coat, our low odor oil stain will offer a rich and uniform color to all your floors, veneers, furniture and cabinets. And what about the choice of colors? Doesn’t it make you want to multiply your projects?

Covering power: A 946 ml (1L) container covers approximatively 300 sq. ft. (30 m2)


Before you begin:

Stir carefully before use. Do a test beforehand in a discreet place to check if the color and effect obtained are those desired. The final result will be determined by the natural color of the wood species used.

Surface preparation:

  • The wood, metal or fiberglass surface must be clean, dry and free of all dirt in order for the stain to adhere or to penetrate well.
  • Ensure that the piece to be stained is properly sanded with a 120 – 150 grit sandpaper.


  • Pour a small amount of stain onto the sponge included in the SamaN Stain Kit (60 – 002).
  • Rub following the direction the wood grain.
  • Wipe off the excess with a clean and soft cloth.
  • Work in small sections to prevent the stain from drying between applications.
  • Seal and protect your work with a clear SamaN’s satin, semi-gloss, gloss or matte finish varnish.

Drying time:

  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours before applying a varnish.

Cleaning tools:

Clean all tools and equipment with SamaN’s Oil and Wax Eliminator. Dispose of all empty containers and unused stain in accordance with local, provincial and federal regulations.

Special Walnut


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