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Staalmeester Angled Spalter 1052

The Angled Spalter 1052 contains the unique Staalmeester® ONE blend. This 100% synthetic fibre mix consists of ultra-soft, flexible bristles in the characteristic purple colour. The handle is made of FSC beech wood. The bristles are securely fixed in a stainless steel ferrule.


You use an Angled spalter brush for drawing sharp lines, edging work and cutting-in. It is very versitile and can also be used for laying-off.


Let us explain what distinguishes this series from our other series. First of all, One by Staalmeester? is the only collection to include a special selection of finishing brushes and artist brushes. Besides that, the unique, ultra-soft bristles have a very high elasticity and perfect absorbency. With these innovative, handmade brushes, both experienced and novice painters create a glassy-smooth end result. The brushes can be used for all types of paint and, with proper maintenance, retain their shape and softness even after years of intensive use.

Available in 4 sizes - 25mm,50mm,75mm,100mm

Staalmeester Angled Spalter 1052


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