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Tung Oil 250ml

Tung Oil is  an excellent interior and exterior wood finish for bare wood, counter tops, flooring or Milk Painted pieces.

Our oil is unpolymerized and a natural drying oil, providing a tough, flexible and highly water-resistant coating. Perfect for furniture, counter tops, interior and exterior wood surfaces. This oil provides a soft lustre with a finish that is unrivalled by many other oils.

The oil saturates the wood, seals it from moisture from within. You will never have chipping, flaking or peeling! At least 2 coats are recommended, however the more coats, the more protection. You will want to re-coat every few years as the wood starts to look dull and dry. Re-coating is simple and easy, as you will not have to sand, or removing any peeling/flaking paint, just add oil, like a conditioner

Tung oil can be used on all raw and properly prepped wooded surfaces, it is also a great finished to use over the top of Milk Paint as the Milk Paint is porous it absorbs into the paint binding with it to provide a water-resistant  natural tactile finish. It is also recommended for outdoor projects as it has slightly more water resistance than Hemp Oil.

Tung Oil 250ml


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