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Decorating for Rookies

Taking a DIY attitude toward bringing new life to your home is not always advised. Colors and textures need to complement each other and the style needs to flow throughout. It can be difficult to find that perfect balance without the aid of a design expert.

We Hear You!

However, paint companies are listening to customers that want to get creative with their style and are introducing new products that are professional in appearance. Sustainable and eco-friendly, a creative generation is taking charge of artistic challenges. Here are some awesome ideas for mineral paint, stencils, and more.

Mineral Paint

Mineral paint is made from an acrylic base and is known for its incredible, smooth-as-butter sheen. Perfect for refinishing furniture, it does not need a top coat to show off its finished beauty. The most popular and timeless colors will come to life and blend with almost any type of decor for a lasting effect.

Milk Paint

Milk paint comes in powder form and gives you the freedom to create your taste in wood stain. Thin or thick, Colors can be as strong or mild as your imagination creates and there will be no tell-tale signs of brush strokes with milk paint. Both types of paint are non-toxic and contain no VOC-forming ingredients.


Professional grade finishes and oils are available to put the finishing touches on your project. Waxes, glazes, oils, and gels were specifically created from an old family recipe to keep your finished projects protected and gorgeous.


Stencils are awesome for creating a personal statement in a room. Once limited to borders close to the ceiling or walls halfway up from the floor, a new generation has come up with more distinct possibilities. Scrolled inspiring words, far-reaching greenery, and geometric symbols can become a mild focal point of description. Reflection paints of acrylic stand out beautifully on a living space of flat wall paint.

Reusable stencils are perfect for those that are unsure of their abilities to decorate. You can practice with botanical, script, checks, and more in achieving your desired effect.

Paints for Little Artists

Creativity for the wee ones is not forgotten with the line of tempera water-based washable paints in stunning colors. No fear of VOCs or toxins and easy to clean up. Great for all types of crafts and discovering their knack for beauty.

Being artistically creative has never been easier or given so much joy with today's safe and professional paint choices. Fusion Reflection Paints offer free training workshops for beginners or experienced artists. These how-to videos will give you the confidence and know-how to tackle all of your projects.

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